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Justin A. Giordano, Esq., J.D., MBA

Undergraduate Courses Created and Taught

Justin Giordano


  1. Benefits and Compensation Management
  2. Business Policy
  3. Business & Professional Ethics
  4. Franchising
  5. The History and Evolution of American Business
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. International Business and Management
  8. Labor-Management Relations
  9. Leadership
  10. Management
  11. Organizational Behavior
  12. Productions/Operations Management
  13. Strategic Management
  14. Supervision
  15. Women in Business and Management

Justin Giordano


Benefits and Compensation Management

This study will explore microeconomic and macroeconomic compensation concepts, such as the reward system, strategic and tactical compensation, legislation and compensation, job evaluation, benefits and services, and related topics. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Business Policy

The major areas addressed in this course will be the general management perspective and business policy, developing the appropriate strategy, industry and competitive analysis, personal values vs. corporate strategy, social responsibility, transforming the organization and the keys to building a successful management career. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Business & Professional Ethics

The overall purpose and learning objective of this study is to familiarize the student with the essentials of business and professional and how they impact and effect within the business and organizational environment at all levels.

Upon completing this study the student will have learned about the theoretical and practical applications of law in the organizational setting, as well as the major issues and principles pertaining to ethics including corporate social responsibility, the social contract, changing values toward social responsibility, the business-government interface, a model of ethics, business ethics, and the social audit. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano


The major topics covered in this course include the basics and essentials of franchising, marketing and promoting a new franchise, the legal aspects of franchising from the franchisor's perspective, financing issues, and operating a franchise. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

The History and Evolution of American Business

The aim of this course is to explore the rich history of American industrial and commercial development, the evolutionary stages and its main personages, all of which led to the creation of the most successful modern industrialized nation.

Upon completion of this study students will have gained a sound grasp of the role of the entrepreneur in the evolution and development of U.S. business, and the stages and evolution of American capitalism. In addition the Evolution of business and the age of the Merchant, The Age of Transition, and the Age of Managerial Capitalism, as well as the current state of American business and future potential directions for American business and commerce will be examined. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Human Resource Management

In this course students through a series of readings will cover a broad array of subject areas including human resources management and environment, analysis, planning, and compensation; training and development for better performance, labor relations and issues of employee health and safety. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

International Business and Management

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the various aspects of international business and management and their application in the global arena. Furthermore students will also be exposed to the latest and multifaceted developments in this fast evolving field.

Upon completion of this study students will have gained knowledge of the nature of international business, the international environment as it pertains to organizations and the monetary system, the foreign environment relating to socio-cultural, legal, and political forces, the impact on business of east-west relations, and labor relations policies and the multinational management arena. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Labor-Management Relations

This course will encompass the purpose of unions, the evolution of American labor, labor law & federal agencies, contract negotiations and administration, employee/employer relations in union and non-union organizations. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano


In this course students will learn about the leadership process, the power, influence, behavior, values and creativity, and other aspects of evaluating and assessing leadership, and the right leadership style for the right situation. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano


The aim of this course is to examine the key elements of management and their application in the practical and real world context.

Upon completion of this course students will have gained a sound and comprehensive grasp of the managerial environment, the primary functions of the manager, namely planning, organizing, and controlling as well as learning and motivating individuals and groups. In addition students will also learn about managing production and operations. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Organizational Behavior

This course's objective is to introduce students to the organizational behavior environment and the key concepts and practices that optimize organizational structure.

Upon completing this course students will have learned about the theoretical and practical applications of organizational behavior and how said principles and concepts are implemented in the world setting, be it in the private or public organizational sector.

The major areas of organizational behavior covered include managing organizational behavior and a diverse workforce, ethics and motivational techniques, managing individual and group behavior, and social processes, managing organizational processes, problems, and evolving organizations, will be examined. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Productions/Operations Management

This course will encompass a broad array of topics and subject matter, including production and operations management, productivity, competitiveness, strategy, quality management, forecasting, product and service design, process selection and capacity planning, location planning, quality control, material requirements planning, inventory management; scheduling, and project management. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Strategic Management

The aim of this course is to immerse students in critical thinking and problem solving within the parameters of an organization utilizing, examining and interpreting all available sources of information and data to devise a strategic course of action to be followed by the organization.

Upon completion of this study the student will have learned about the strategic management process, the three strategy-making tasks, industry and competitive and analysis, company situation analysis, strategy and competitive advantage, matching strategy to the situation, corporate diversification strategies, and techniques for analyzing diversified companies and implementing strategy. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano


This major topics that this course will cover include the role of the supervisor in today's corporate environment, creative decision-making, communications with subordinates, ethics and organization, politics, time management, planning and delegating, appraising employee performance, unions, leading, discipline, grievance and handling. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano

Women in Business and Management

In this course students will explore the effect of gender within the contemporary business organization, with the primary emphasis being the major emergence and impact of females in the business arena and at the highest levels of corporate structure, and the ensuing challenges and opportunities that they face. Justin Giordano 

Justin Giordano