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Justin A. Giordano, Esq., J.D., MBA

Scholarly Publications

Justin Giordano


Articles in Empire State College journals and publications


  1. Government by Lawyers, All About Mentoring, Summer 2006
  2. The Pledge of Allegiance: Does Under God Still Belong?, All About Mentoring, Spring 2005
  3. Learning About Our Northern Neighbors, All About Mentoring, Spring 2004
  4. Transparency, the American Legal System and Corporate Malfeasance, All about Mentoring, Spring 2003
  5. Here We Go, In Spite Of September 11th, Metroliner, Spring 2002
  6. Voter Apathy: A Demonstration of Confidence in the American System, All about Mentoring, Spring 2001
  7. The Adult Student and the Decision to Apply to Law School, All about Mentoring, Spring 1998
Justin Giordano

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